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vBookie for vBulletin 4 4.2.1

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Please See the first post for a F.A.Q.
I will endevour to link to useful posts within this thread there as I spot them. You should check there before posting issues etc.

This is a port of vBookie for vBulletin 3.5 by Andreas which was a port of vBookie - vBulletin Betting Hack by tjdrico. Permission was given by tjdrico to port this.

vBookie is a 'bookmakers' or betting extension to vBulletin. It enables authorised members to post Events and Outcomes that forum members can bet on. Each Outcome has its own set of odds, and odds can be modified through the life of an Event (bets that are placed are stored with the prevailing odds, so even if the odds change, your users are paid at the correct rate).

Once the results are known, Events can be settled and forums members awarded their winnings.

vBookie uses its own vCash by default, but this has no more use than as 'bragging rights'.

Although vBookie does not have any built-in facility to integrate with any other store hacks, it's a very simple job to hack vBookie itself to integrate it with any store/points system you care to use.

Install Instructions
1. Unzip product file
2. Upload files from 'Upload' folder to your forum
3. Install product XML
4. Edit "newthread" template as per readme.txt ionstructions
5. Set usergroup permissions
6. Set vBookie settings
7. Enjoy.
8. Check out Dismounted's Activity Stream addon
9. Click Mark As Installed and Rate

Upgrade instructions
same as above, but undo edits made in point 4 if upgrading from pre 4.0.7! (see readme.txt for more info)

Version Control
4.0.0 (19 Jan '10 ) - Initial Release
4.0.1 (21 Jan '10 ) - Removed some junk from templates, added enable private bets option
4.0.2 (24 Jan '10 ) - fixed options for hiding vcash, added some more stuff to teh settings screen, added some vCash utilities (reset balances, give to everyone, set default balance) and fixed some template bugs.
4.0.3 (25 Jan '10) - fixed bugs I introduced in 4.0.2 see post #109
4.0.4 (25 Jan '10) - fixed time zone not being saved, can delete events, + plus a couple other things.
4.0.5 (Australia Day '10) - no longer uses bitfields for permissions, fixed vCash display, fixed stats page error
4.0.6 (27 Jan '10) - fixed TABLE PREFIX issue in vBookie stats page
4.0.7 (23 Mar '10) - fixed redirect bug when editing events, fixed display of cash holdings in events, added plugin to make template mods (no template mods needed now) and updated code to 4.0.2 standards, added hooks for vbcredits integration.
NOTE 0- if upgrading from pre 4.0.7, you will need to eitehr revert your "newthread" temp[late, or manually undo template edits as there is now a plugin which does this for you. Check teh readme.txt in the archive for more info.
4.0.8 (31 May '10) - hopefully fixed bug with updating number of outcomes when editing events. To upgrade from previous version (4.0.7) just overwrite vbookie.php
4.0.9 (25 July 10) - Added ability to select Reputation points for currency. Phrased had coded text. Fixed bug in displaying vCash balance in postbit.
4.2.0 (21 August 12) Added in navigation manager Code for vBulletin 4.2, disabled old nav plugin
4.2.1 (24 January 13) Added missing template, fixed Nav code, fixed some small bugs
First release
Last update
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