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Hi all,

Before I attach the needed files since you will not be able to use them right away without first installing Cubeia poker, I'll explain first what is vBPoker (Poker for vBulletin, obvious right?).

vBPoker uses Cubeia open source Poker (AGPL version) where all the credits go and which has the foundation of Cubeia's continuing success developing more enhancements and features to the game when they decided no longer doing open source but provide one of the stablest version I've known to date playing with it for years now.

See more info here:

So how this works with vBulletin software? Enter vBPoker, a bridge module developed by me which interfaces the game to all versions of vBulletin.

Basically, there is no modification on the forum but only configuration files you will need to configure database access like when you install vbulletin and that's it. Once done, the bridge uses the same authentication currently implemented in vb5, vb4 and vb3 to allow you to access to the game. Furthermore, it will retrieve your custom avatar to display in game. Cash are persistent but only exist in the game. Thus, running on its own independantly of vBulletin software.

Cubeia poker is a full poker system. It comes with poker admin console to configure table variant and timings. An another backoffice module which allow you to perform manual monetary transactions to give away money to your members. This is magically done by boardservice which links your forum id with cubeia poker id.

These are variants of Texas Hold'em which are featured in vBPoker.

  1. Texas Hold'em: No limit, Fixed and Pot Limit
  2. Crazy Hold'em
  3. Omaha
  4. 5/7 Stud
  5. Telesina

Each of variant is configurable in poker-admin console.

Main features on all the above variants:

Sit'N'Go tournament with configurable x amount money as prize awards to winners
Scheduled tournaments

vBPoker initially gives away some configurable play money amount which can be changed to x amount. Play money symbol like in demo site as FPX can be configured to your liking instead of real currency.

The bad news is the below prerequisites and it's probably NOT for everyone, but if you like playing poker with your community, then it's something worth considering specially when there is no cost involved:

You need to have root account to get it install.
Your vps/dedicated system must have at least 2 Gg of memory
Only mysql is supported.

Hand history is embedded. I believe this can be disabled. If not, you will need to run mongodb. So it's optional.

I'll put the test site up soon for you to drop by to see the look and feel of game play.

I'll attach soon documentation in the next coming days explaining how to install this or better link to my development site.

Here is an old clip I made playing sit'n go tournament with bots:

Beware, it's a big operation to get the game install and get it working right out of the box. But I can help you guys to get it up since few have been successful got this game working on other platforms.

I've completed code just today to also support v3 as initially targeted only for v4 and v5.

Let me know about your thoughts of this add-on!

I will add later detailed installation instructions how to install the whole kit.

There will be 2 installation steps.

  1. You will need to install Cubeia AGPL poker code
  2. Install the download files in the attachment

There is currently pending working in progress features I'm coding for the game to interface with php/js to display in forum.


Cubeia has those above modules but they were private. Too bad, you are on your own to code it. But first, I'll need to help you guys setting up this

Showcase of VB5 demo site:
I just finished installing it using the 2 files in attachment. Game is now functional.

vbPoker :

You will need to bring a friend and only when 2 of you sit on same table, the game automatically starts.

You also need to set forum avatar to see it in game.

Installation instructions:

It will took pages of documentation so please visit my dev site:

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