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vBTube 4 Video Gallery FREE ! 4.0.5a

No permission to download : vBTube 4 for vBulletin 4

Full version of vBTube 4 ! (It's only branded with a Link to below video and at the footer). Please don't remove it!

Switch your vBulletin-Forum to a video online community.
Increase traffic and entertain your users!


Install Instructions:

1. Upload content of /Upload directory into your forums root

2. Import product-ytm_4.x.xml with plugin manager in admincp

3. Admincp/Usergroups set your permissions for admin and other usergroups
Please only give registered users permission to youtube browser, otherwise crawlers will increase your requests to the youtube api to the limit !
Unregistered should not have permission to your youtube browser.

4. Admincp/vBTube Options Forum Url without trailling slash

5. Get your youtube api key here and enter it to Admincp/vBTube Options Youtube API Key

6. Admincp/vBTube Options Enable SEO URL's yes if needed and put the rewrite rules into your .htaccess
You need mod_rewrite enabled in your php config if not

7. Add categories admincp/vBTube4/vBTube Admin/Categories/Add categories

8. Create a mixed category, get the id of it and enter to Admincp/vBTube Options Fetch videos to categoryid

Start with: ht*p://

Requirements: Only a running vBulletin 4 Forum !


If you need a branding free version, please contact me!
It's not allowed to remove the copyright phrase in any part of vBTube.

>>> Check out the demo here <<<



Updated to 4.0.5
- Javascript youtube browser bug fixed

How to update 4.0.5:
Upload all files again to your server, import product xml and overwrite. Delete browser cache.

Updated to 4.0.5a
Bootstrap library 3.3.7 included
Upload all files again to your server. Delete browser cache.

If you can't add categories:

Open the url in a second tab yourforum/ytm_admin.php?do=list
Press ctrl+F5 several times

Priority support at !
First release
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