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vBulletin 2 Twitter - Take Your News Straight To Twitter! .1b

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vBulletin2 Twitter Courtesy A Health Forum
Special Thanks to Jarvis From for help
vbtotwitt.php copyright Vojtech Semecky released under the terms of GPL

This modification will take one of your latest news threads and post it directly to your twitter account. You must have RSS enabled for this modification to work. You can specify a forum to pull the content from using external.php?f=FORUMID

The RSS feed will post your thread title directly into your Twitter account, and then create a link back using TinyURL. The links are automatically converted into links via the TinyURL API

Install instructions

1. Upload the includes folder into your forum root. This will automatically place the 2 scripts need to operate this into the "includes/cron/" folder
2. Install the product-ahealthforumcomvbtwit.xml file via the Product Manager in your adminCP
3. Navigate to vBulletin Options -> vBulletin Options -> vBulletin 2 Twitter and enter your name and password.
4. Hit Save and Wait 2 minutes
5. View your twitter account to confirm that an update was posted.
6. Enter the URL to your forum feed.

Notice: By default for testing purposes this makes one tweet announcing you've installed vB2Twitter You are free to delete this tweet as it is for testing purposes only!!!!


vBulletin 2 Twitter Options

1. Twitter Username: This is your username. If you don't have one yet, you can get one for free at

2. Twitter Password: This is your password for your twitter account. Notice that its not hashed or encypted so anyone with adminCP access can view it. If you can't trust those who have your AdminCP information with such details, then this mod isn't for you sorry.

3. Feed URL: This can be to any sites feed if you want, but I suggest pointing it to your news forum and creating a prefix such as [Breaking News] to make the most of this. Your twitter posts will then be prefixed with [Breaking News] Thread Title link to thread.


Again, this modification will take the latest thread from the forum RSS feed you specify. I don't beleive in spamming on twitter with useless crap, so I've made this modification to only take one thread at a time from your forums RSS feed.

Trouble Shooting:

If it does not automatically update to your account. Go into the scheduled tasks manage and run the task manually.

external.php gives a blank page. Enable RSS from your vBulletin Admin Control Panel.
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