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vBulletin Link Directory 1.05

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What is vBulletin Link Directory:

vBulletin Link Directory with vBulletin integration has a couple of functions and options that a comfortable link directory needs to have:
  • Links can be moderated
  • Categories with subcategories (with images/icons/descriptions/etc)
  • Subcategories in subcategories
  • Comment-function (also moderated)
  • Uses the forum search for finding links
  • Detailed usergroup and administrator permissions
  • Uses vBseo and vBCMS
  • Facebook integration
  • Thumbnail and banner function
  • Additional pictures/icons in categories
  • Fully vB-standard kept within code
  • Additional Functions for Links/Images
  • Meta-Informations
  • Check if link exists, read linked site informations, etc
  • Google PageRank
  • Alexa Page Traffic
  • 'Link-us'-function
  • Additional style settings (fixed sizes for banners/images by stylevars)
  • Show direktlink and thumbnails while categorie view


Upload all files you find in /upload to your forum root and change
the read/write permissions of:


to 0777 in order to be able to make backups if needed.

Afterwards import 'product-vblinklist.xml' in admincp. Then configure the group permissions aswell as the administrator permissions.

Now you can change the settings of the addons in admincp and create categories like you want to.

The Link Directory is ready to use now, every function is used to vB-standard.

Adding the widget:

Admincp -> 'vBulletin CMS' -> 'Widgets' -> 'Create new widget'

Widget type: PHP Direct Execution
Title: Link Directory
Description: Shows a random entry and statistic from vBulletin Link Directory in CMS

Then 'Save' the widget and you'll see the list with the widgets alreday available in your forum. At the right side from 'Yellow Pages' you klick 'Configure' and enter the follwing information:

'Enter Php Code, in the form "$results = "':

PHP Code:

global $vbulletin, $vbphrases, $show, $stylevar;
include(DIR . "/vblinklist/widgets/widget_linklist_stats.php");
Template Name: vblinklist_widget_stats
Cache refresh time (minutes): 5

Then 'Save' the configuration. The file to include (DIR . "/vblinklist/widgets/widget_linklist_stats.php") can be found in the vBulletin-CMS folder in the ZIP-file to this product.

Now you can place the widget with the Layout Manager.


You'll find import-scripts in the 'tools'-directory to import links from other addons if needed.


Updates can easily be done by just following the explanation for installation.

This addon will be supported by me, please take care of the license.txt-file.


Brandfree versions are available, please get in touch with me using PM for that.

Your feedback is welcome, please post bugs in this thread.
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