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vFCoders - Featured Content Slider Widget 2.4

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What is it?

Featured Content Slider Widget for VBulletin CMS to feature latest (or popular) articles in a block that displays as a slideshow.


1. Fully Integrated With VBulletin CMS.
2. Option To Select Sections.
3. Option To Select Categories.
4. Option to Sort Articles by date or views.
5. No Template or File Edits.
6. Can Add Seperate Widget for Different Sections.
7. Can Add more than 1 Featured Content Slider Widget in a page.
8. Option To Set Width For Each Content Slider Widget New!


New Installation Instructions

1. Upload all the files in "Upload" Folder to forumroot.
2. In the Product Manager in AdminCP, import the product XML file.
3. Then Go To -> Admincp -> vBulletin CMS -> Widgets

Widget Type: CMS featured Content slider
and enter other details and save it..

5. Then Rest of the things are as it is which you do for other widgets.

a): Configure The Widget in VBulletin CMS -> widgets
b): Add the widget in page through layout manager.

Upgrade Instructions

1. Unzip the attachment and upload all files in upload folder to forumroot.
2. Upload the xml through product manager. (Overwrite)
3. Delete all the old content slider widgets and make new ones.

Uninstallation Instructions

1. Delete all the Content Slider Widgets in vBulletin CMS -> Widgets
2. Uninstall the product through product manager.

Mod History:

v1.0 : 20 Aug 2011 : First Release.
v2.0 : 21 Aug 2011 : Width Feature Added.
v2.1 : 21 Aug 2011 : Fixed Uninstall Bug.
v2.2 : 26 Aug 2011 : Improved mouseover effect of content slider.
v2.3: 28 Aug 2011 : Fixed Package ID issue.
v2.4: 18 Apr 2011 : Fix typo in install code and Updated for vBulletin 4.1.x.

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-> You Can Nominate it also for Mod Of The Month.
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