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Widget - Users Online 1.4

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This is a widget for your CMS pages to show the Current Users Online.


You will need to Create a new Template (vbcms_widget_execphp_activeusers), Cache the template, Create a new Widget (Users Online), Configure the Widget, and then finally add the Widget to your Layout (I am not including instructions for that, you should know how to add Widgets to Layouts).

1.0 2009-12-17: initial release by Lynne at (pre 4.0)
1.- 2010-01-07 - French translation included thanks to albibak (version 1.0)
1.1 2010-05-30: Added in Most users ever online.
1.2 2010-10-22: Fixed template to use new classes and widget code to use new online users query/method. (4.0.8)
1.3 2011-11-17: Fixed template and widget code for use in 4.1.8.
1.4 2011-11-27: Quick fix in template to show link to online.php page. (4.1.8)

Installation instructions for 4.1.8 and pre-4.1.8 are included in the 1.4 download. Please make sure you use the correct Installation Instructions as both the widget code and the template code are different depending on the version you are running. Read them carefully!!!
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