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XenvB4 (Formerly ProjectvB4) 1.0.1

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  1. Works with "Forum only" vBulletin version. Suite version still is not supported.
  2. RTL support is currently limited.
  3. I can't guarantee that it will works with any 3nd party addon. No errors but the templates will not be responsive.
XenvB4 (formerly ProjectvB4) is not just a responsive style, but a full framework adding new features to vBulletin 4.2.5
  • Responsive, mobile first design
  • Redesigned important pages
    • Forumlist
    • Threadlist
    • Showthread
    • User Profile
  • New Modern Features
    • Modal profile popup
    • Search Panle
    • User menu Panel
    • Navigation Panel
    • Advanced Footer
    • Forum Cover Photo
    • Forum Icon
    • Facebook style Profile Cover Photo
  • Included Add-on Modules
    • Donations
    • Mailinglist
    • Memberlist
    • Cookies
    • GDPR Compliance
    • Legal Agreements

XenvB4 installation is pretty easy if you follow the instructions below, step by step.
  1. If you've installed any version (Alpha or Beta) of ProjectvB4, uninstall it !!
  2. Unizip the file and upload all the files and folders from upload/ folder, to the directory where you've installed vBulletin. ATTENTION !!! If you've renamed your admincp/ directory, or if you've the admin files in a different directory, then you need to upload everything from admincp/ to your real admin directory.
  3. Go to your admincp and first import the new style from Styles & Templates-> Download/Upload Style-> Import Style
    1. Browse and select the style/xenvb4-style.xml from your computer
    2. Let "Create a New Style" as is
    3. Just in case, is better to set "Ignore Style Version" to YES
    4. Let other settings as is
    5. Click Import
  4. XenvB4 comes with a set of plugins and templates, so you need to import the product file. Select Plugins & Products-> Manage Products
  5. Click Add/Import Product and select product-xenvb4.xml from your computer. Is good to set "Allow Overwrite" to YES.

If XenvB4 installation was successful is time to configure it. First of all you must complete the follow steps which are important for XenvB4 operation.
  1. XenvB4 add the default forum icon and forum cover to your existing forums, but you need to update the cache to see them working. If you don't do this, all your existing forums will not show any icon or cover. Goto Admincp-> Maintenance-> General Update Tools and Rebuild Forum Information.
  2. Now is time to set User Profile Avatar and Cover Photo. I never understood the reason why these dimensions are not Global but per Usergroup. So you must edit one by one all your Usergroups and modify Picture Uploading Permissions with the values:
    1. Can Upload Profile Pictures : YES
    2. Can Upload Animated Profile Picture : NO
    3. Profile Picture Maximum Width : 1200
    4. Profile Picture Maximum Height : 340
    5. Profile Picture Maximum File-Size : 1024000
    6. Can Upload Custom Avatars : YES
    7. Can Upload Animated Avatar : NO
    8. Custom Avatar Maximum Width : 150
    9. Custom Avatar Maximum Height : 150
    10. Custom Avatar Maximum File-Size : 200000
  3. Back to Maintenance-> General Update Tools and Rebuild Custom Avatar Thumbnails
  4. At xenvb4/images/ you can overwrite the default images. Even if it's ok to use images with different dimensions, I highly recommend to use the default dimensions:
    1. email_logo.png (119 X 46)
    2. footer_logo.png (250 X 60)
    3. noavatar.png (150 X 150)
    4. nocover.png (1200 X 340) for both forum cover and profile cover.
Core Modifications

Depending on your configuration, may there are some changes that you need to do in core files. Unfortunately vBulletin license does not allows distribution of core files, so you must modify them on your own.

1.- HTML Emails
If you want to replace Text emails with HTML emails, you must edit the file: includes/class_mail.php
Line 285

$headers .= 'Content-Type: text/plain' . iif($encoding, "; charset="$encoding"") . $delimiter;


$headers .= 'Content-Type: text/html' . iif($encoding, "; charset="$encoding"") . $delimiter;
Line 294


$this->message = $message;


$this->message = str_replace("{message_bodytext}", nl2br($message), $vbulletin->options['xenvb4_mail_template']);
PS: If you already did these changes before when you installed ProjectvB4, the only change on this file is line 294

2.- Editor Emoticons
If you want to hide the emoticons from the right side of the editor to earn some space in mobile view (emoticon will still be available from the button menu), you must edit the file includes/functions_editor.php. Open it with a text editor (not Word and similar), and change line 551


$usesmiliebox = true;


$usesmiliebox = false;
3.- Poll icon in Forum/Thread lists
To replace the Poll icon with a FA icon, your need to edit the file includes/functions_forumlist.php line 592


return array('iconpath' => vB_Template_Runtime::fetchStyleVar('imgdir_misc') . "/poll_posticon.gif", 'title' => $vbphrase['poll']);


return array('iconpath' => '<i class="fa fa-bar-chart" aria-hidden="true" title="'.$vbphrase['poll'].'" style="float:left; margin-right:7px; color:green; font-size:18px;"></i>');

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