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Yet Another Awards System 3.8.4

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vBulletin 4 version can be found here:

This is a Medals/Awards system. Admin/Mods can give members awards, and award icons will be displayed in member's profile, posts, as well as in a award list.

In AdminCP
  • Can Create/Edit/Delete/Reorder categories/sub-categories in ACP (with category name and description)
  • Can Create/Edit/Delete awards in ACP (with Award Name, Description, Icon URL, Image URL)
  • Can Move one (or all) award(s) from one category to another
  • Can set some awards un-classified (not displayed for public)
  • Issue awards to members, based on username or userid, with Issue Reason
  • Recommend awards for members based on username, with Recommend Reason
  • Remove awards from members
  • Issue Point Values to awards (Recommended that you are running mySQL 5.0 or higher, will not work correctly with lower versions of mySQL)
  • Award automation

In ModCP
  • Issue awards to members, based on username or userid, with Issue Reason
  • Remove awards from members

Front page
  • Display awards list in with: Award Name, Description, Icon, Image, and Members who get each award.
  • Display awards showcase in profile within a TAB, with Award information, Issue time and reason
  • Display award icons in postbit or under sig.



* Fixed - Issuing Awards to users with ' in usernames.
* Fixed - "Award System Settings" SettingGroup name.
* Fixed - Phrases for Award Request/Recommendation Settings.
* Fixed - All templates should be properly cached.
* Fixed - Inactive awards no longer display in postbit.

* Improved - Version Information in AdminCP.
* Improved - Award Name is added to Post/PM Title Recommendations/Requests.
* Improved - Postbit Display Location descriptions.
* Improved - Cleaner awards layout display.
* Improved - Award Submissions Post/PM layout.

3.8.3 Patch 1:

* Fixed - SQL Group By Syntax when Points are enabled

Time: about 5 minutes
Installer is included (1 product XML)

Upload files and import xml.

When upgrading: re-upload ALL files and re-import XML

This MOD is 100% Supported.

Authors of YaAS 3.8:

Current Release: v3.8.4 Newest Release
First release
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