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Yet Another Ranks System 4.1.4

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I've had quite a few PM's in regards to this and seeing as how once upon a time I administered a gaming tournament forum it came in handy... we had virtual armies in battlefield games with Generals, LtCol's, Captains, squads of 6 and enjoyed a rank structure along with our awards so we converted the Awards mod into a Ranks mod, many also had a need for it and now we have it for 4.x. This is a complete re-write of the 4.x Yet Another Awards System by CypherSTL and Xanlamin ( ) with updates including one fix by another community member for the profile tabs (noted in Changelog.txt). I hope everyone enjoys it who finds a use for it .

This is a Medals/Ranks system. Admin can give members ranks, and rank icons will be displayed in member's profile, posts, as well as in a rank list.


In AdminCP
  • Can Create/Edit/Delete/Reorder categories/sub-categories in ACP (with category name and description)
  • Can Create/Edit/Delete ranks in ACP (with Rank Name, Description, Icon URL, Image URL)
  • Can Move one (or all) rank(s) from one category to another
  • Can set some ranks un-classified (not displayed for public)
  • Can re-order ranks in ranks showcase
  • Issue ranks to members, based on username or userid, with Issue Reason
  • Remove ranks from members
In ModCP
  • Issue ranks to members, based on username or userid, with Issue Reason
  • Remove ranks from members
Front page & other
  • Display ranks list in with: Rank Name, Description, Icon, Image, and Members who get each rank.
  • Display ranks showcase in profile, with Rank information, Issue time and reason
  • Display rank icons in postbit (showthread, showpost, announcement, private)
  • Separate Rank Request/Recommendation Forms
  • CSS Customizable
  • Points System *Requires MySQL 5.0+

If you do not properly setup this modification you will see errors such as:

Originally Posted by faraz_hamza
Something unexpected has happened, your rank request cannot be sent at this time. Please contact a site administrator for assistance.
I am getting this error when i recommend or issue rank request?

how to fix it ?
Basically here's the short on this:
  • Edit your usergroups, for each usergroup set whether they can request and recommend ranks.
  • Setup the mod options in AdminCP > Ranks System > Rank System Settings.
  • If your having the requests or recommendations posted as a New Thread OR New Post within a existing thread please ensure that the members usergroup has permission to do so, in other words they can't post a new rank request into a private admin-only forum or a new post in a admin only thread correct? Bingo . You can create a new forum and only allow viewing to normal members .
  • If your having users requesting ranks every min or two, adjust your minimum time between posts to be one minute.
  • Try disabling the Points System, do you still have a issue?
Other issues:
  • What is the minimum version of MySQL Required?
    - The core of the ranks sytem will function on MySQL 4.1. However, in order to use the Points System you must be running at least MySQL 5.0+
  • I'm seeing output like "-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ranks_rankusers_bit -->" before it displays members. Why?
    In your AdminCP > Settings > Options > General Settings > Add Template Name in HTML Comments = OFF
  • Styling issues? -
  • If you have any other issues, post them however I need to know if this was the 2nd, 3rd or 4th request, what was done before the error and if issuing to another user worked afterwords! Thanks!
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