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Z - X Posts Before Links 1.4

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Since VB4 has some build in spam guards for specific sites/users who are widely known for spamming, I felt that it didn't help stop any of the small time and newbie spammers and so I decided to make this mod.

This mod doesn't allow users to post any form of a link without achieving so many posts first. So if they want to posts tons of videos, ftp, images, websites, game servers ... etc this will stop most of them, possibly all. So wether is a whole new thread or a reply in another thread it will stop them. This also work on quicc reply aswell.

I don't have many games installed so the only game with a server I ws able to test was those of the Unreal Tournament series. If you find other kind of links that need to be stopped please let me know.

Z - X Posts Before Links:
  • all options are in your Admin CP
  • no template editing needed

  1. Import product-z_xpbl.xml
  2. Goto --> Admin CP --> Settings --> Options --> Z - X Posts Before Links and make your settings.

Remember to clicc install.
1.4 Added Email stopping
1.3 Multiple Usergroup Filtering (added to 1.1)
1.2 A Bunch of New Features (New Product -> Z - Total Link Control)
1.1 Bug fix for People getting Parse Errors
1.0 Initial Version
First release
Last update
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